Coolest Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume

Part of a trio of goddess costumes I made for teenagers. Athena is the goddess of love. Her crown is made from the face shield of a Dollar store helmet. It is attached to a headband and glued with fake pearls and jewels.

The white dress is from the Thrift store and has six yards of Greek key ribbon hand sewn to the hem. The gold part is a frumpy ‘mother of the bride’ dress that I deconstructed and then refashioned into more of a toga like shape.


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    • anonymous

      athena is the goddess of wisdom btw, aphrodite is the goddess of love

    • person

      athena is wisdom and war, aphrodite is love and beuty

    • person

      yea and that is a pretty dress but remeber its aphrodite not athena


    Adult/Teen Cost: Under $20 Individual Woman/Girl Costume Several Hours