Coolest Ninjago Costume

My son loves Ninjago, more specifically Kai. So, when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, of course, it was Kai.

We have a pretty big Halloween costume contest every year at our local YMCA so I thought of making a good costume for my son and also give him a chance of winning (kind of a “two birds with one stone” type deal).

If tips are what you’re looking for, all I did was enlarge the dimensions of an actual Ninjago figure, plus a few tweaks so it can fit my son, and made the costume out of cardboard, duct tape, and spray paint. I added the ability to open the costume, from the back, and close it via Velcro. The mask was made from a plastic Jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat basket to give it a good, durable, Lego-head-like structure. I flipped it upside-down, cut the hole a little bigger so my son’s head can fit through, and wrapped in fabric. For the Lego face, I just applied some yellow face paint on my son and used black for the eyebrows.

For the spinner, it was mostly cardboard. I used duct tape to keep the structure together and firm and used foam sheets I found at Michaels for the “LEGO” words on the spinner’s cylinders.

Needless to say, my son was totally content with the costume.

I know you creative/talented/”cool” people out there can make this Ninjao costume and make your child happy as much as mine was.

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

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    • Shinobi1173

      By the way, in the photo, my son was not wearing his gloves or have his face paint on. Also, the spinner had wheels on the bottom that way it will move with him when we walked around.

      • Annewood1234

         How did you put wheels on the bottom of the spinner?  Did you have to pull him or did he have a way of moving himself around?

        Excellent costume!!!

        • Shinobi1173

          I got small wheels from Home Depot and screw them on the bottom.  Luckily, the spinner was made out of cardboard so it was light.  He had enough leg room to walk around himself. I also tied strings onto the spinner while being held by two wheel pulleys attached to my son’s belt to help hold up the spinner.

    • sy

      Great job!  How did make the legs?  

      • Shinobi1173

        I just shaped them out of card board and taped them together.

      • Mrshannshin

         my husband made the legs with card board. ill have him get back to you on how

    • Mm1130

      I like the addition of the spinner … very nice!

    • Mandy

      Was it difficult for him to participate in things with the spinner on? Did the costume look right without the spinner? And most importantly…did you win?!

      • Mrshannshin

        Not really…just my son had to walk a little slower then usual. Yes we did win.

    • ts

      Is it one whole costume or the legs separate? How’d you do that? It looks so awesome btw!!

      • Mrshannshin

         the leg is seperate and was pretty tricky

        • TS

           thanks for how does he put it on? please provide more details on how. I appreciate it!!!!!

    • S_misko

      Great costume!  Is the middle piece between the legs attached to the body or is it separate?  If it’s separate what is holding it up?  How are the two pieces of the legs attached?  Also, are the legs attached to his shoes/boots or another way?  About how far up does the boot part go?  Past his knees?  How is it for walking?  Also, how far does the torso portion go down to?  Getting everything to work together is tricky….thanks for the input.  please email me with the details. 


    Cost: $20-$50 Individual Man/Boy Costume LEGO Several Hours Toddler