Coolest Mac ‘N Cheese Costume

I got the idea of this  Mac ‘N Cheese costume from this website. It was all-in-all a pretty easy costume to make. The most time consuming parts were spray painting the toilet paper rolls the orangey color and blowing up/gluing the Mac n Cheese logo onto my ‘cup.’

I also felt this costume was quite inexpensive; the most expensive part of the costume was the spray paint. I got many double takes and stares. I even ended up winning two Halloween costumes!

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    • Khenris

      LOVE it!

    • No


    • Erin

      How very creative!!!  

    • Guest – E

      Very creative and well put-together!

    • Guest-L

      Love the hair piece!!

    • Kellee929

      um I love this!!!! So awesome!

    • Malmuhan

      This costume look dam cool, objectively she must win !! 

    • Asobzack

      What did you use for the container?

      • Loganalexa

         Looks like a laundry basket.

      • Ali Champeau

        Laundry basket. I cut the bottom of it!

    • Catloversid

      how did you hold the “cup” up how do you blow up the print

      • Ali Champeau

        I held the “cup” with my hips along with using some rope (that I had spray painted) and used them as suspenders….

      • Ali Champeau

        As far as the print goes, I had one of my talented friends who knows how to do things like that blow it up for me. I then printed the printed, hot glued, and touched up with sharpies.

    • Tish

      Very cool costume. My daughter and I want to duplicate for Her costume contest at school. What items did you use to create the spoon and headband?

    • Claire

      What did you print the paper on? Was it a long sheet of paper?


    Adult/Teen Cost: Under $20 Individual Woman/Girl Costume Several Hours