Coolest Good Witch Bad Witch Costume

Half Good witch half Bad witch costume from The Wizard of Oz, or some people also referred to me as the Broadway Show Wicked. It was easier than I had thought. I had purchased a witch costume and also Glinda, the good witch costume on an after Halloween clearance sale for about $10.00 each. I cut the bad witch costume in half and sewed it to good witch.

The hat was the tricky part and I did get help from my husband. He had cut them in half and used zip ties to connect the two hats together. I bought a cheap wig and brushed it to all one side and no hair for the bad witch. The make up I did with what I had around the house and green face paint. The shoes and socks I already had. MY FAVORITE costume by far!

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    • Dirtyknickles73

      Awesome costume!

      • Roxannsalinas

        thnx knickles :)

    • Roxannsalinas

      it was fun having a split personality

    • Sheree Bixler

      That costume is awesome!!! 

    • Cpruger

      Great costume!

    • Rank Esposito

      Probably my all time favorite costume!

      • Rani Esposito

        Stupid autocorrect! I’m either rank or rain according to apple.

    • Nolongerwithstupid

      Love it!!


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