Coolest Pageant Princess Costume

The TV show Toddlers and Tiara’s was my inspiration for this Halloween Pageant princess costume. To achieve this look I took an old floor length bridesmaid dress, took it to a local tailor shop and had them pin up the under the corset and sew it to stay.

I glued over 300 gemstones on with fabric glue to give it a bling factor. I also added puffy paint to the stitched designs and seams. For my tiara I went thrift store shopping. I found two homemade tiara’s that I wired together. One on top of the other for extreme height. I then spray painted it silver. Covered it in spray glue, then covered it in glitter and sealed it in.

I constructed a sash with silk, sequin string, and iron on letters and crowns. I found the shoes at a thrift store. For the socks I sewed lace around a folded down sock. I used an entire can of self tanner, added a couple hair pieces for fullness, teased, curled and sprayed. Along with overdone make-up. I even had a pageant Mom! She sported a t-shirt and carried my pixie sticks and Red Bull. I also toted a nuk to help show my age.

It was a lot of work but well worth it! We had a BLAST!

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    • Gwinupwilliam

      Disney princesses anit got nothing on you gorgeous.

    • Barbiej62

      You are so pretty

    • Katie Kremer

      you put A LOT of work into this costume and it looks stunning. i think your idea was unique and definitely entertaining. GO LYNN! :)

    • Mel_overson

      awesome costume! one of the best i’ve ever seen! you deserve the honor of winning!!


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