Coolest Sexy Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

My best friend and I don’t buy store costumes, we like to be different and stand out so we brain storm throughout the year. Well she’s brilliant and came up with these sexy “Thing 1 and Thing 2″ costume to wear. I got some pieces in NC and she got the others in FL….it came together perfect.

We wore them in Key West FL for Fantasy Fest, and could not take a step without people wanting to take pics with us. It was a huge hit.

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    • Gues

      Where did you get the top part of your costume?! The red bra with mesh part

      • guest

         I don’t know if this is what they did, but I’m thinking of doing this same thing this weekend and couldn’t find the mesh top ANYWHERE. Soooo….. I bought a pair of red fishnet pantyhose at walmart, cut a tiny hole in the crotch, and cut the feet off. Turn it upside down and the legs fit the arms, and then you put your head through the hole you cut.. Pull the waist part down and it hits right at the bottom of the bra line (red bra of course). Sounds crazy but it works I promise ;)

        • ak

          I can’t find a red bra that has sort of a bustier look to it like the bras pictured above. Where did you find the red bra to use in your costume?

    • Tamar2828

      great costume

    • hb

      Where did you get the wigs?! Love them!

    • vero

      where did you find the wigs

    • kelsey

      Where did you find the red bras???


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