Coolest Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus Costume

As an elementary teacher, I’ve always loved reading the Magic School Bus to my students. My favorite book is the one about outer space. I decided that I would be Miss Frizzle for Halloween.

I had my step-dad help me make the bus. We used cardboard boxes that were cut and glued together using a glue gun. I used painted pie tins for the wheels.  I spent a lot of time painting the bus, because it needed several coats. I got suspenders from the dollar store to make carrying the bus a lot easier. I spray painted old paint cans and glued orange tissue paper inside to look like rockets.  I found some orange lights at the dollar store that I wrapped in orange paper to make the head lights. In the dark, the lights really made a difference.

My dress was purchased at Goodwill. I used craft paint to decorate the dress with planets and stars. I used the wig  and lizard to pull it all together. I won 10th place in a costume contest at a local night club!

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