Homemade Child Zombie Doctor Costume

To make her face I used toilet paper and latex, black paint and red blood.  First I got a peace of toilet paper and covered one eye with tape. Then I colored that one eye all black. Around that one eye and the rest of her face I put one layer of laytex on her face then I added peaces of  toilet paper on the laytex and after that I added more latex. Once I was done I added the blood.

To make her costume I bought a costume layout at Walmart for a DR. and followed everything step by step and  printed out the Dr sign on iron on paper.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.r.medrano Lalo Ray Medrano

      best zombie costume ever if they would come to my door i would be so scard  

    • Albert

      omg she looks so scary she would take all my candy cause ill run away best zombie costume 

    • thomas

      This site is the best zombie dr evet

      • thomas

        Best zombie dr ever

    • nene

      you did a GREAT job.The best Zombie I seen so far.keep up the good work sweetie.I was looking at this site with my child and we stopped on ur page cuz he said he wanted to look scary like ur lil one so he can scare his daddy…lol..I hope I do a GREAT JOB just like u this Halloween coming up.

    • Tone

      great costume.Hope u win.

    • baga

      damm that’s a nice costume i hope i do a great job for my little girl just like you did for your daughter thanks  for the post great job


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