A Working Slot Machine Costume

I liked the idea of being a slot machine but I wanted something that would actually work.  I made the box out of insulation board which I then covered in aluminum shelving paper from Lowes.  I ordered actual slot machine reel pictures from eBay which I put on plastic cylinders I found.  The wheels spun on a metal rod.  I also found refurbished slot machine buttons on eBay as well.  I used lights behind the pictures to make it appear that they were glowing.  I made the handle out of PVC and a red ball.  I kept the box even on my shoulders by using suspenders.  I used small portable speakers to play the slot machine music when people hit the buttons.

I printed out the graphics on transparent sticker paper to it would blend into the ‘box’ part of the costume.


Video –

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    • Dan

      I want one of these! Would you be willing to sell or provide build instructions?

      • Ryan

        I would be willing to sell it, but it would probably cost a small fortune to ship lol.  If you want to leave you email address I’d be happy to provide instructions the best I can! 

        • Dan

          To be honest I doubt that I would be able to complete it as I do not have access to some of the tools that I expect would be needed and also I am just not that crafty, lol. However, I do live in Wisconsin. If this page is correct, you live in Iowa? I would not mind picking it up on my way to Las Vegas for Halloween. I will be driving there later this month and could easily pick this up on the way. How much would you be looking to sell it for?

        • Nhappyhere

          you still have that costume I’ll pay to have it shipped

    • Nikki

      If you still have that costume I would love to get it from you. I will also pay to ship it, I’m in MN


    Adult/Teen Cost: $50-$100 Individual Woman/Girl Costume More Than a Month