Awesome Homemade Little Green Plastic Army Man Costume

Wanted to do an awesome homemade Little Green Plastic Army Man costume of these for years. I made the bazooka from plumbing parts, the walkie-talkie is from a Barbie refrigerator and plumbing parts, the rifle and grenades were toys painted to match. The stand is a routed piece of wood painted to match.

This was a labor of love. The trick was to get everything to be shiny. The uniform was coated with 2-3 layers of modpodge. This allowed the paint to shine and sit on  in the material. The face was a cheapy transparent mask painted to match.

Really was happy with everything on it.

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    • Jennifer

      My ten year old son just found his halloween costume.  Awesome job.  Says it’s the coolest costume he’s ever seen!  Did you make the outfit or did you spray paint some clothes or how did you do that???  Excellent Job!

    • AliciaCCTX

      Awesome! Love it!

    • mccabe

      Love the walkie-talkie idea!  What type of clothes did you use?

    • caz

      One of the best Little Green Plastic Army costumes EVER.

    • Sjebmeister

      Can you post/mail a DIY?


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