Awesome Homemade Werewolf Costume Complete with Body Suit and Stilts

I decided to go all out and make a costume for this Halloween. On a tight budget but with a head full of ideas and inspiration from other peoples creations I got down to it.

Total build was less than £100 and this required lots of searching for things which were just right, and at the right price. Ebay and Google are your friends people.

I wanted a full body suit look and proper werewolf legs, so decided to go with digitigrade stilts and a latex body suit. After much researching I decided a good starting point would be a Mister Incredible suit, purchased used from Ebay ! The only other items I bought were the mask and hands, both of which were eventually modifed too.

Stilts were constructed from plans found via Goggle and various YouTube videos.

Halloween is not as big in this country as it is in the USA but I think it’s the best event of the year, next to new years. The only two times we get to dress up and go out and have some fun. So any way hope you like !

Video –

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    • RocketScientist008

      Would you consider selling your warewolf costume please?


      • Malbowsier

        You would have to be the same body size as me to wear it without modification. How mch are you offering ?


    Adult/Teen Cost: $50-$100 Individual Man/Boy Costume More Than a Week On Stilts