Last-Minute No-Sew Red Bird Costume

My daughter has been on a roll over the past few years….my boys only want to be characters out of star wars and she only wants to be something that you won’t see everyone else wearing on the street. This year, she wanted to be a RED BIRD…

So, although my creativity has evolved to now include SEWING projects, I got away with this one…without sewing. I will start with the bottom and work my way up.

Feet: Yellow Dish Gloves

Legs: Red dance tights

Body: Red chiffon skirt and t-shirt (she had this outfit in her stash of clothing).

Wings: I bought Red Angel Wings from a costume shop…these weren’t anything special. If you Google Red Angel Wings, you can take your pick…

Head: Google Red Feather Wig…

Mask: I bought a red beaked mardi gras mask with some brown accented feathers at the French Market in New Orleans… they have all kind of bird masks online.

She was a HIT!

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