Coolest Homemade Mr. Met Mascot Costume

I am a huge Mets fan, I know I know. So I decided to be Mr. Met. It was a pretty easy costume to make, but if I were to do it again i would take more time and try to get the head more round. In the description I didn’t mention any cost but i believe it was around $50. You can get some of the items really cheap.

I started by buying a Hoberman sphere, kids toy. Then i used chicken wire to support in between each opening so that the paper mache wouldn’t fall through. then i wrapped the whole thing in screen.

Then i paper mached the whole thing. I did half one night and half the next so it would dry well.

I bought a large halloween plastic candy bowl to use for his helmet. I painted it blue and used cardboard for the brim. I printed out the Mets logo online and used a knife to cut it out and glued to helmet.

After I painted the whole thing. I cut out a whole for m to see out of. and covered it with screen, the picture flash looks like you see right through, but you can’t.

I used a wiffle ball for the nose.

Bought cartoon gloves and clown shoes from halloween store for hands and feet.

Threw on my Mets jersey and pants and there you have it, Mr. Met! Finished.

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    • Lets go Mets

      Excellent! I’m going to try this for a baby Mr. Met 1963 costume. I wish you could give more detail about the paper mache technique and how exactly to get it more round!

      • Maria L Paladino-Voorhis

        So after googling Mr. Met costumes, I came upon this site and wound up making an awesome costume! Thanks for the ideas. I did actually get a nice round head by using a 36″ balloon that I bought at Michaels. It wound up to be a lot less expensive going this route & gave the head a really nice shape. Happy Halloween!


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