Original Girl’s Group Halloween Costume – Skunk Trio

smell that? not these skunks.  Costume is basic black shirt and leggings with fur whites cuffed around the arms and a heart shape in the front.  The tail is all fuzzy fabric wrapped around hangers that were bent and fitted together to make the shape of a skunks tail before the release of skunk juice.  We also carried around febreeze so it looked as if we were spraying like skunks, but with a little fresher smell.  the browned haired girls worked better with this look bc they could put the white strip in their heads.  costume was fairly easy, except the tail took the longest and was teh most difficult part of the entire costume.  Costume was the biggest hit, might do it again this year.

  • Costume Ideas Brainstormer
    • Linnie Miller

      HI! How did you attach the tail to the costume?

    • Katie Smith

      How did you make your tail??? Im dying to know. In the midst of being irritated bc i cant figure out how to do mine. Mold Hangers???


    Adult/Teen Group Costume Several Hours