Coolest Pee Wee’s Playhouse Group Halloween Costume

This Pee Wee’s Playhouse group Halloween costume was such fun!  We had Pee Wee, Ms. Yvonne, the Geenie, Terri the Terridactyl, Captain, Carl, and the Cowboy- complete with CHAIRY!!  Everyone was pretty easy.  The two most difficult were Chairy and Terri.  Chairy was adapted from an old wheel chair from a second hand store.

I used a lot of hot glue and felt!  Just pieced as much as I could together, along with some foam and with a few alterations, got chairy!  We wanted to make sure it was completely functional, so don’t forget to make sure it rolls, etc.  Terri basically had a green sweatsuit on with a green stuff tail.  The head is made out of a baseball cap- pieced together with material and funny foam.  Such fun!

The genie was basically a big turban of material glued to a hat and stuffed to be puffy and glittered up!  Oh and some of the younger crowd didn’t get us , but the ones who did, loved us!  Just wish I could have done the Pee Wee laugh better!

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