Easy Leeloo Dallas 5th Element Costume

This easy Leeloo Dallas 5th element costume was my all-time favorite DIY Halloween costume I’ve made by far. I did it 2 years ago, and people still talk about! That Halloween I had people asking to take pictures with me, guys proposed, and everyone would start quoting the Fifth Element. I even won the local costume contest!

The whole experience making the costume was just as much fun as Halloween night. I did get a couple of burns from the hot glue gun, and I may have cut myself once or twice with the knife. I definitely suggest using a cutting mat when making your suspenders, that way you don’t cut up your tabletop! The mat can be bought at Walmart and absorbs the blade making it easy to maneuver when making delicate slices.

I used leggings from Forever 21, 1/4” thick black ribbon to line the leggings, faux vinyl fabric for the belt, made a belt buckle with the elements on it out of clay and bronze acrylic, Velcro for the belt, cut off a white shirt, orange duck tape to make the crazy suspenders and used an exacto knife to cut the holes out, Combat boots, a toy gun from the dollar store that I spray painted black, and orange hair spray!

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    • Bnqueenbee

      i saw a way better fifth element costume in Charleston SC ….the girl used masking tape as her costume and literately bleached her hair and then dyed it orange……then dreaded it!!!she went way out and won good money! PS. might i say you have got to have a rockin body to pull this of!!!!


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