Greatest Homemade Mario Bros Bowser Costume for a 7 Year Old!

My son expects a hand made costume made by “yours truly” each year. He does not want to wear a store bought costume since he knows “mom can make him ANYTHING”.  This greatest homemade Mario Bros Bowser costume took me about 40 hours to make.  I used a skate helmet for the head piece and all materials used were purchased at Michael’s and or JoAnn fabrics.

I used craft glue, a hand needle and thread, a sewing machine, pillow stuffing,  foam balls and a foam ring to shape the face, spray paint and  a lot of creativity!  After making this costume, I understand why it has not been mass produced.  It took me about 40 hours to make, about $200 for the materials and I made this while on crutches, yes on crutches.

I could not let my little boy down. He was the talk of his school and he was a complete show stopper while trick or treating. It is the coolest Bowser costume I have seen online or anywhere!

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    • taafe75

      Very impressive

    • calimami

      That is awesome! My 5 year old son Loves everything Mario..and would go crazy if he saw this! Your son is lucky to have such a talented mommy!

    • Tracy Skeen Pickett

      Any chance you want to sell this? Happy to pay.

    • Eric Andre

      IDK, I think this one is better the hair is less life like, which gives it more of a classic Nintendo look. The colors, textures and shapes just seem so much more spot on. This one is pretty good too.


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