Our Homemade Yip Yips Couple Costume That Won Us $200 at the Local Contest!

This was an awesome couples contest that won us $200! We bought furry fabric and folded it in half longways. We sewed the bottom parts on each side but left room for our arms. We cut out the hole for the mouth and sewed black mesh there. We sewed a small tube type thing on the edge of the hole and stuffed it with stuffing to make subtle lips.

We made eyeballs out of Styrofoam balls and antennas out of wire hangers. We attached the top of the costume to baseball caps to keep it secured on our heads. We made arms out of wood dowels that we covered with fur and had our own Earth Book.

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    • Suefigel

      This is awesome. I thought about being these guys before but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Were you able to drink through the mesh fabric?  


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