Great Last Minute Rubik’s Cube Costume

I planned to make a Rubik’s cube costume way before Halloween, just never got around to it until the day before Halloween hit! I love getting artsy fartsy so whipping up a costume in one day was no problem.

I bought different colored construction paper at the dollar store and black duct tape at OSH. I used three different sized but similar looking cardboard boxes that I found at my work and cut holes wide enough for my body to fit into. I cut the different colored construction paper into squares and started taping away in a random order.

I had my roommate help me taping the different colored squares on since that was the part that proved to be the most difficult. I wore a black shirt and red shorts under and put my hair in a ponytail and called it a day! I was a complete hoot and everyone wanted to try and solve me. Of course, I was unsolvable.

  • Costume Ideas Brainstormer
    • Danielle M

      What kind of boxes were they?

    • Dominique P

      Thanks for the great idae, I won first prize for best costume:)

    • Michaela

      Wow such I great idea does it work as a children’s costume?!?!

    • Nicolette

      What type of boxes?

    • Chelsey Lillian Marie

      @twitter-80760194:disqus @disqus_VoAdmib2mh:disqus
      They look like pizza boxes with holes cut out! Great idea since my uncle is a pizza delivery man!

    • Kara L.

      how did you make sure they didn’t fall down?

      • Tina Sposato

        How did you cut the box ? And how did they stay on your body ?

    • Adri Rodriguez

      Love it!!

    • LaSharne

      How did the boxes stay together, but were able to move?


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