Coolest Homemade Bamm Bamm and Pebbles Couple Costume

This Bamm Bamm and Pebbles Couple Costume was a DIY costume that was very easy, even for those who aren’t that crafty, and overall really cheap for everything.  It turned out super cute and I got so many compliments on it when we went out.


I wore a pair of blue spandex and used a green tank top I already had and hot glued black felt triangles to it.  I bought orange spray paint for my hair and plastic bones for in my hair.

Bamm Bamm:

We got orange fabric for the skirt and cut the bottom to have triangles, then I glued on triangles of black felt to it.  The part across his chest was a strip of fabric from Jo Anns and we just pinned it to his skirt.  The orange hat was from Walmart in the hunting section which also had triangles and a plastic bone hot glued to it.  The plastic bones and hammer were the only thing from the halloween store.


  • fabric- $8
  • felt- .49 per sheet
  • hammer- $10
  • plastic bones- $2
  • orange hair spray- $3

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    • Amy


      I am going to a fancy dress party in a few weeks, and we are also going as Pebbles and Bamm Bamm! I am having trouble finding a bone hair clip, but have found a bag of plastic bones that I am going to buy… I was just wondering how you managed to fix yours together and attach them to your hair?

      Hope you can help :)
      Amy x

      • Lindsay

        wish i would have seen this earlier… I’m sorry! but i just hot glued them together as a cross and rapped a hair tie around them. I used a different hair tie to put my hair up, spray painted my hair, and then put the bone hair tie over my bun. (:


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