Simple and Easy to Make Velma Costume from the Scooby Doo Gang

This simple and easy to make Velma costume from the Scooby Doo Gang is homemade, after looking at off the shelf costumes I thought I could do better.

I started off breaking the costume down into what items I needed. It’s basically an orange polo top which I found a few on eBay. I already had a red skirt at home. The socks were a bright orange and after searching I couldn’t find a color match so I bought some white football socks and orange dye. The footwear was just red slip on plimsolls. A short bob wig and real glasses lent off a friend completed the look.

Two other friends also made their Scooby Doo gang costumes and it got us loads of attention and people asking to be photographed with us. I have also lent this costume out to a friend they liked it that much.

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