Awesome Child’s Peterbilt Truck Halloween Costume

My son was 5 and obsessed with “big trucks”.  The only thing he wanted to be for Halloween was a Peterbilt.  So, I used 3 boxes, painted them.  I used tin foil for the chrome, LED push lights for the headlights, dryer vent stacker the exhaust stacks.

He loved his Peterbilt Truck Halloween costume!  It was a huge hit with his cousin and all his friends too. Very inexpensive!

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    • Bobgilfried

      Tell your son he is famous now. At least in trucking circles. This picture has been PACCAR financial. PACCAR is the company that owns Peterbilt. Then it was retweeted by Peterbilt itself. I saw it in the online edition of Overdrive magazine.

    • eitan

      Hi Kirstin,
      I believe Bobgilfried reffered to this article –

      Congratulations! :-)
      Can’t wait to see more of your costumes


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