Shocking Serena Williams Costume for a Man

I’d been thinking about doing this shocking Serena Williams costume for a man for a couple years and finally decided break it out in 2011.

It was a 4 part construction:
1. I had my mom sew a tennis skirt.
2. I bought a cheap pink sports tank top and pink strip of fabric to make a head band.
3. Borrowed a wig from a friend
4. With white jean patches I cut and ironed on Nike swooshes – the coup de grâce.

This is by far my greatest creation for obvious reasons. After putting everything together I was making myself laugh and had to hide everything from my girlfriend for about a week. I told no one what I was going on and just showed up in my costume to a friends house Halloween night. The reaction included screams and head shakes, along with a few people rolling around on the floor tear inducing laughter.

At 5’10 205 pounds I turned myself into Serena’s double, and I did it for 22 dollars.


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