Creative Homemade Carousel Costume

I tend to go all out on Halloween and this carousel costume was no exception. I like to pay attention to detail and make ordering things come to life. This was probably the most time consuming costume I have made yet but well worth it in the end!

The Carousel skirt was made from a lampshade which I covered with some scrap booking paper and jewels to make it more realistic. All the horses were cut- outs from a template image online which I then glued on to cardboard to make them thicker. They were then put on the “poles” which were colourful pencils form the dollar store.

Then the rest of the skirt was made from material and sewn to look like the carousel tent- this took the most time and effort. The top finished it off and was decorated with ticket stubs along the top and more jewels to finish it off.

It is going to be hard to top this costume next year!

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    • Vick

      hey.. it looks great. How you conect the lampshade with the “tent”? yozr instruction is very good, but i can’t get this step.. how to fix it togheter?

    • Sam

      Hey – this costume is so cool! I just don’t understand how you’ve made the ‘frame’ with the lampshade for the carousel…? Help would be really appreciated as I would love to make this for a party this week!

    • Melissa Nuhfer

      Hi there Amy! This is an amazingggg outfit! We would like to attempt to make it for my daughter but can’t seem to figure out how you did the skirt with the lampshade and if its two piece or no How it all holds together. Thanks so much!

    • Constance B.

      Where you buy you’re lampshade please ? Is veryyyyy important!!!


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