Fun Perry the Platypus Halloween Costume

My 9 year old wanted to be Perry so I searched for material and the fun began. I used and old sweatshirt and old sweats (that fit) to cut a pattern out for her to wear. We then used cardboard and rolled it into a circle to fit her head. I covered it, measured the eyes out and added white eyes with pupals.. My daughter made the bill out of cardboard and i covered it with orange.

My oldest then created the hat out of card board peaces and I covered it in brown material. The black strip on the hat is made from an old soccer sock cut up into strips.

The tail is also a piece of cardboard cut out by my 9 year old and i covered it and added the lines.. there is a piece that folds into her pants so it sticks out…

The hardest thing about it was that I kept getting hot glue on my hands which was not pleasant and i got some pretty good burns…

The best part is the reaction from others that see it as it turned out pretty cool (in my opinion):-)

She will also use it at school when the little ones do their nursery rhyme parade…the little ones will LOVE it.

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