Coolest Urkel Costume from the TV Show Family Matters

My son Dylan was 10 yrs. old and was a huge fan of the t.v show Family Matters and he just Love Erkyl!! So when he asked me if I could make him an Urkel costume I was not very sure but would give it my all, so I bought dark brown body paint because my son is white. I painted his face brown , bought a afro wig and cut little pieces off , gave him a crew hair cut ( his real hair) then with boys hair styling glue I spiked his real hair and then added the afro pieces on top sprayed with hairspray then spray painted his hair black with temporary coloring. I bought his clothes from a thrift store, suspenders and all. All night strangers were taking pictures and complimenting on how great he looked . I was very amazed myself.

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    • 123

      Are you not aware that basically your son is in black face? Why couldn’t he just be Urkel without the paint?

    • Billdots

      Blackface is racist and unacceptable.  Why would you teach your child that?

    • billy bobber jenkins


    • Asia

      blackface…cute idea.


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