Coolest Homemade Sexy Peacock Costume

I am in love with everything peacock, so this sexy Peacock costume was a must for me to conquer.

I ordered a plain black corset off of eBay for $15 and completely covered it in purple, green, turquoise and peacock colored feathers, that I also purchased from eBay. MUCH CHEAPER THAN FEATHERS IN ANY CRAFT STORE! I used a hot glue gun to do this…you cannot mess this up, so easy!

The tutu was 9.99 from the Halloween store. I wore black panty hose that I already owned, same with the shoes. I made the headpiece by gluing feathers to a wire coat hanger that I bent in half and shoved in my pony tail. I glued a peacock feather to my forehead with those wardrobe double sided sticker strip thingies.

And as you can see, I also went to town with fake eye lashes, TONS of glitter and eyeshadow!

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    • Fele

      Omg stunning I love your whole idea it was executed perfectly I to love peacocks and have chosen a peacock costume for my annual Halloween party.Please tell me how you did your eyes they were fab!! Brava

    • mary beth

      Thank you!!! I honestly just piled teal eyes shadow on and covered the bottom part of my lid with eye glitter. I drew lashes coming out with green eye pencil and glitter liner. I bought HUGE black and green lashes and voila! You really can’t mess up with tons of shadow and glitter!!! Practice! :) Good luck!!!

    • christiana

      love, love, love! totally using your costume as this year’s halloween inspiration. can i get more details on how you made the hanger headdress? :)

    • Suchitra Nagarajan

      Love it ! This is so creative and cool. I would like to buy this costume from you ? Please let me know if you are willing to sell this entire costume :)


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