Original Homemade Hippo Halloween Costume

My friend Ben wanted a Hippo Halloween costume, so I whipped up the most ridiculous, haggard hippo costume you’ve ever laid eyes on. I don’t have a sewing machine, so I hand sewed this bad boy in between watching Modern Family reruns, checking Facebook, and kind of reviewing for midterms, so needless to say it’s flawless.

I also didn’t use a pattern (everyone: “we can tell”) but who needs a pattern when you can just lay on the floor and have someone trace you! I used two old gray flannel sheets for the suit and head, and two USPS boxes for the mouth. The boxes were lined on the inside with pink felt, and gray flannel on the outside.

The top of the head was stuffed with fluff, and the boxes were kind of worn as the hat. Sew on some ears, add some felt teeth and nails, googly eyes, and a tail, and…. ta da! A hippo! Stuffed with pillows to make him fat.

I did get fancy, though. It has a zipper in the back.

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    • Michele Zeibari

      My son needs to be this for Oddessey of the Mind project. How did you make the head, I know out of two boxes but how were they attached?


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