Drop Dead Awesome Sesame Street Gang Costumes

Hi, I’m Megan and these are my friends and mine Sesame Street gang costumes 2012. I’m Cookie Monster, Emily is Oscar, Shelby is Big Bird and Brittney is Elmo. Our dresses are made out of duct tape. We wore camis underneath them as a dress so we could still use the bathroom, except Emily she taped her shorts on and couldn’t use the bathroom all night.  Bad idea.

We made our headpieces ourselves, we wrapped yarn and fabric around a head band and hot glued the eyes, feathers, nose, beak, unibrow, etc. The eyes are just plastic balls and we used a sharpie to color in the eyes. Shelby used nail polish to color the top of big birds eyes. We all bought boas and wrapped them around our boots. And just wrapped yarn around our wrist. Emily’s trash lid is a pizza board and we just taped it up and glued ribbon on so she could wear it as a backpack. My cookies are made out of fabric I cut out and glued gems on for the chocolate chips, and the same goes for my “cookies” on my back.

We had a lot of fun with these costumes. Everyone loved our costumes but also thought it was for the election coming up, and we had this idea for awhile before that but it was still funny. Not the easiest getting off though and costumes are completely destroyed from it. But it was worth it. Great time.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/angela.story.90 Angela Story

      Really cute! I love the idea of using duct tape for your dressess! I might dothis at the club one night. Your makeup looks great too. Well done!

    • kinda

      What kind of blue tape did you get and where did you buy it?

    • xoxo_uʻi

      Those balls look a little bigger than ping pong balls…but they are the perfect size…What kind are they? Thanks


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