Last-Minute Detailed Mrs. Lovett Homemade Halloween Costume

I’ve always been a huge Halloween buff, and I’ve especially always loved Sweeney Todd. I wanted to be Mrs. Lovett for Halloween for years now, but I could never get anyone to agree to be my Sweeney Todd. Then I met my amazing boyfriend. He loved the costume idea as much as I did and we both got very involved in the process. After scouring the internet for weeks, I finally found a perfect Sweeney Todd costume for my boyfriend. His costume was, for the most part, done. (I acquired the scarf, handkerchief, pants, and shoes myself.)

As a college student, I don’t have much free time. I knew that I disliked the pre-packaged Mrs. Lovett costumes, but I wasn’t sure how to go about making my own. After scouring the internet again, I finally found some tips on how to go about making my own costume. I enlisted the help of my mom – who had never really made anything this complicated before – and we began the process of buying various fabrics and lace, measuring, sewing, dyeing, scrunching, and hemming. The catch was by the time I had figured out what to do, we had only a week till my Halloween party. Although I helped my mom figure out how to start, she single-handedly made my whole costume from scratch in the period of one week. She tried very hard to make it movie accurate, and I think it came out amazingly.

At my Halloween party, all my friends thought my costume looked great, and were especially impressed that it was homemade and only took a week to make. I was just so happy that I finally got to be Mrs. Lovett for Halloween, and I had my Sweeney Todd with me.

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    • Lauren

      I want to be Mrs Lovett this year for Halloween, and I do not like any of the costumes online as well. But I have never made anything myself or sewed before, so if you have any pointers about where to find anything to make this costume, please tell me! Thanks, and your costume did come out amazing!


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