Original Homemade Costume from Batman Begins: Scarecrow

This original homemade costume from Batman Begins was designed and worn by me. The costume was handmade as well. About 2 days went into designing the mask. The materials used were: burlap, rope, twine, yarn, charcoal pastels/paint, and wild rice. The mask was made out of the burlap I took references from many photos and takes on the costume and compiled them together to create my design but also adding my own take on it as well.

The twine was used to create the stitching
The yarn as used for the mouth
The rope was used for the noose
The charcoal pastel/paint was used to add wear and tear to the costume as well as shadows and a burn effect.
The wild rice was used to make the mask look as if there were insects crawling out of it.

Total Cost: <$50

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    • Heppe

      that really is excellent. Well done.

    • vh

      i love it! really good and thx for the tips!


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