Creative Shark Week Girls Group Costume

Every year I find it more and more challenging to top my previous Halloween’s costume – but this year, we did it! There will never be a better group costume than SHARK WEEK. As a group, we have always refused to buy our costumes at the store, and prefer to be “funny” over “sexy”.  Also, all being recent college grads we are certainly on a budget. All of these factors combined with 5 extremely opinionated girls often times makes for a difficult Halloween.

Shark week went through several stages throughout our year of brainstorming, and it was well worth the final product. Inexpensive and easy – Hanes t-shirts, gray sweat-shorts, black fabric paint and and an architect to create some awesome stencils was the foundation for our outfits. We all wore gray tights and ordered beautiful shark “hats” from (about $4 each + shipping). A little fake blood was the final touch to complete our “shark look”. We also had some fun with the scissors, cutting up our t-shirts to resemble a shark attack. The more time we spent getting ready, the more bloody and cut up we seemed to get…

Everyone’s reaction was priceless! We ended up winning a costume contest at the bar – $100 to our group! (came to about $16 each to cover the cost of our costumes). Everyone really got into character, dancing in shark circles and  swimming through the crowd on the dance floor. We can’t wait to see how many copycats we have next Halloween!

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    • Morgan

      Do you have the link where you purchased the shark hats?

    • Randee

      She didn’t make it. Lost too much blood.

    • Andrea Joyce

      I’m going on a cruise in 23 days and one of our theme nights is TV characters. We couldn’t think of any original group ideas that would be different from everyone else so we decided just to do TV show. Came across shark week costumes and was sold. Question…. What did you use for the blood? Being that the shirts will be folded and packed into a suitcase, we don’t want any bleeding onto anything else. Lol!


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