Adorable One Year Old Thing 1 and Three Year Old Thing 2 Costumes

I started my one year Old Thing 1 and three year old Thing 2 costumes without knowing how to sew, but managed to learn in the process. lol. I made his and her costume from start to finish. From the tutu to bows and even her crochet legwarmers. I also handmade my sons wig. It was a struggle but it ended up super cute!

He loved his costume mommy made and my daughter just adores hers and they both look adorable. Everyone loved them!

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    • Sally

      If you don’t mind me asking what was your costume I can see partial costume of what appears to be the same as your daughter. I’m only asking because I’ve done family themes for 3 years now and liked to do thing one and thing two this year but no clue what I’d be


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