Creative Homemade Ms. Universe Costume

I’ve heard of little kids and pregnant ladies dressing up as the solar system for Halloween. I wanted to take that costume idea and make it a little sleeker and trendier so made a Ms. Universe costume.

I started out by taking a dress I already owned paired with leggings and shoes that I already owned. I sewed on a felt sun to the top of the dress (pregnant ladies like to sew it on to their stomachs, but I didn’t want to do that). Next, I started working on the tutu. I used several different fabrics at different lengths. I bought styrofoam balls and painted them to look like each of the planets, then wired them to the tutu in their correct order from the sun.

Next I took a headband and wired hand cut felt pieces in the shape of stars. I did the same thing and wired some stars around my shoulders. My favorite part of the costume was creating the makeup each night. I traced a star outline around my eye and tried to create a galaxy/milky way type of look for the rest of my face and chest. I added some glittery gold star stickers for an added effect. Lastly, I used temporary purple and silver hair dye to complete my look.

Ms. Universe!

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    • Ingamay

      Thank you so much for this!
      I had a couple galaxy things in my closet already and this is gonna bring it all together! The star headband is genius, and this costume isn’t provocative or pop-culture related, which I very much like.
      Hope you don’t mind!

    • Toni Colles

      I am looking for a solar system costume to wear to a university science fair for junior school students in Australia. Are you telling your outfit?


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