Cute and Easy Dexter and Dee Dee Couple Cartoon Costume

Dexter: Black shoes, black slacks, white lab coat which we sewed two big black buttons onto, purple kitchen gloves, black glasses (we got a pair at Nordstom for $10), and red/ orange hair color spray

Dee Dee: Pink leotard, pink tutu (store bought or homemade- there are tons of tutorials on youtube!), white tights, pink flats/ pink ribbon or ballet shoes, fake eyelashes, and pigtails

Everyone LOVED these costumes.  Everyone remembers Dexter and Dee Dee, and it’s especially funny if you reinact scenes for pictures.

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    • MIranda

      This is so cute!!!! :D

    • monkey

      Where did you get the shoes at

    • Chloe

      I wanna be deedee for 2015! GREATTT!


    Adult/Teen Cartoon Network Shows Cost: $20-$50 Duo / Couple Costume Several Hours