Homemade Transformers Couple Costume

It was Halloween 2007. Living in Lethbridge, AB at the time and going to school. My room mate and myself wanted to create costumes that would win us a weekend worth of contests. We decided the Transforming transformers would be perfect, the movies had just come out and they were very popular. I went as Bumble bee and he went as Optimus.

I (being the artsy one) bought all the supplies and designed our costumes. I used a lot of hot glue, and cardboard, and surprisingly a lot of staples. I slowly built and re-altered all the major boxes for the costume, cutting and re taping until I got it all to fit just right! I painted my own costume, and he painted his, but when it came down to fine details such as logos, windows, lights, and the helmets, I took over. We ended up using Velcro in the costumes so that we could lift up parts and lay/sit down and look like the vehicles! Took 3 months to build and cost approx. 50$ for the paint, Velcro and hot glue.

We won 3 costume contests giving us a grand total of 200$, two hats, two shirts, and two Carona bottle openers.

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