Cool Homemade Yip Yips Halloween Costumes

Muppets are big this year.  PBS under fire.  Brought out  the Yip Yips to make a stand for the Muppets, as well as bring back a little bit of our childhood.  Was so great to see people light up and smile when they saw us or when we were chanting ‘yip,yip,yip..ring,ring,ring’.  People loved taking their pictures with us.

Costume is easy, take a sheet, cut out the mouth, put black mesh in the mouth so you can see out but not be seen in photographs.  Take two Styrofoam balls and glue on top and put pupils on the balls, and a couple of pipe wires for antenna and you have an amazing costume. Mouth is manipulated with sticks from inside the costume.  Costume didn’t get hot, and arms only got a tiny bit tired by the end of the night.  Was worth the soreness to have people smile and enjoy the costume.  Was a great Halloween!!

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    • Knox

      I saw these two in Ballard!! I didn’t say anything but these were probably the coolest costumes I saw that night. When I was like, 4 or 5, the yip yips actually really freaked me the f$%# out and I had nightmares about them and stuff

    • Lisa

      Looove these costumes! Hubby saw these and said Phone! Ring! :)

    • Mackenzie

      For me when I made my yip yip costume instead of using carbord of something like that I just went out and boght a big car washing sponge and used my hands in the mouth and it works too.


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