Coolest Gambit and Rogue Couple Costume

We have both huge X-Men fans and wanted to embody our favorite characters which happens to also be a couple, hence the Gambit and Rogue Couple Costume!

Here’s how we made Gambit:
Gambit’s chest piece was made by creating a plaster body cast then a rubber mold. The final piece was made of rubber, we installed straps on the back to keep the chest piece on. Then, I painted the final rubber chest piece. His mask was made of spandex and leather which we sewed together. He wore an undershirt that was black underarmour. Gloves were store bought and cut. Pants were store bought pants that I painted stripes on the side of. The boots were made by sewing strips of vinyl to make a boot cover on an old pair of boots then I painted them all silver. Finally, the coat was store bought and we sewed a lining to thicken it and to add lines. The costume was topped off with red contacts and glowing red cards!

How I made Rogue’s:
Started by taking an old jacket I had and cut it short. Created patches by using felt and leather glued together. Then I cut the waistband off an a pair of leather pants for the head band. The gloves I bought online. The suit I bought online but I tailored it and added a zipper to the front. The belt buckle I made from a rectangular buckle that I covered in leather and painted the red X on. I also created boot covers with fun foam and leather strips. The costume was topped off with blue contacts and a southern accent!

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    • SamanthaR06

      Could you possibly put up steps for each piece? I’m still baffled as to how you made Gambit’s chest piece and your boot covers! Thanks! :) Coolest costume EVER!

    • Jessica

      This is my goal costume for next year! Rogue has been my idol since I was 10.

    • catbird

      What size needle did you use to sew Gambits mask (leather to spandex)?


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