Coolest Homemade Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games Costume

This  Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games costume cost a total of $10 to make, it’s amazing what you can find in you own house, I decided to do Effie Trinket because I need something colorful and fun. I started with a old jacked  then started to  visualize. I had an old Santa Clause wig (any white wig will do). I  cut it short, with a curly tail in the back, had some old Halloween spray (purple) to give the hair a purple tint look.

knew  I had to get a puff look for the shoulders so I went to my local thrift store and purchased a $3 dollar 80’s prom dress, it was perfect!!! First I cut the bottom, and left about 3 inches around the waist and left the bow on back. The dress was a little small so pulled the back zipper down and cut a straight line up the front of the dress. I placed the dress around the jacket as I had it on to fit my body, then took hot glue to pin point where the dress need to be sewed, as I only sewed on shoulders points and along the front to where the buttons are lined, sewing makes it  secured, any loose ends I touched up with fabrice glue or hot glue.

As for the accessories, I glued a flower on a head band that was big enough to stretch around my head. As for the gloves/head piece, I had from old costumes, added a black knee length skirt and any pumps or boots. As for the make up, I purchased lashes, $6,  and watched a make tutorial on how to do Effie trinkets make up with my own flair.

This was a very fun costume, hope you like it. PS always save your old costumes , you can always use something from them.

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    • Nikki

      Very well put together also cost efficient, Looks great on and for someone to barely use any money well it is a winner in my book……make-up fantastic and it goes well with costume……ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Looks just like Effie! I can visualize Effie in the movie Hunger games by these pics!!! A homemade costume could not look better this one…good luck to ya!!! Fabulous!    

      • Amber Blevens

         Thank You Nikki, I love Halloween and its the time of the year when we get to do the most creative things with our family and friends … as for cost, which is a big deal when you have big family, I was so excited that I was able to pull off Effie trinket with limited funds.. Glad you liked it!!!!

    • vera

      This is one of a kind costume put together by someone with very creative skills also it did not cost a lot. She has my vote!!! Beautiful!!! 

      • Amber Blevens

         Thank you Vera!!!

    • Jen Schram

      Wow I think this one is the best! I can’t believe it was so cheap either.  I wish I was crafty. Good Job:)

    • Danielle Smelik

      I love this costume I can’t belive it cost so little to make. It makes store bought costume look terrible

    • Danielle Smelik

      I love this costume I can’t belive it cost so little to make. It makes store bought costume look terrible

    • Trinity

      So cute!


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