Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” We Were for Halloween?

I don’t know about you, but since the beginning of time I have loved playing the game “Guess Who”.  I especially enjoyed when my opponent drew a girl as their character because that meant less for me to have to guess.  Ha! The ratio of men to women in that game is just plain nuts.

Both shirts, fabric paint, the fake mustache, green fabric for my hat, string, and tag board cost roughly $20.  So cheap! And all of it was found at the good ole Wal-Mart.  I already had the nerdy glasses, but those weren’t more than $5.

Here was the process:

1) Decide on your character.  There are 26 to choose from to fit your unique composition and personality including hats, glasses, beards, bushy eyebrows, earrings, frowns, smiles, etc…

2) Create the frames/game board pieces.  We bought 1 cm thick white tag board and cut a 3 inch border out with an exacto knife and by we I mean Lee.  Knives and I really aren’t the best of friends.

3) Type up your character names and the words “Guess Who?” in Word or another program of your liking.  The font style is Cooper Black.  I felt it matched up pretty dang well with the actual game.  I set the outline to red for his as it was the opposite color of his shirt and blue for mine for that same reason.  I am glad I did, it popped better that way.

4) Buy/create necessary items for your character.  This was the fun part! I bought a 1/2 yard of green fabric for Maria’s hat and safety pinned it to a hat that I already owned.  Lee then wore a sticky mustache and the complementing eye brows along with the giant nerd glasses.

5) Next, the puffy paint for the shirts painted on in the shape of a question mark.  This was very “winged” and could have been stenciled if you could find such a thing.  I went with more of a curved question mark.

6) Lastly, a piece of string was stapled to the frame about 1/3 of the way down from the top to support it as we adventured.  The string was not heavy duty by any means.  It lasted the whole night and still stands today. Can you even see the string in the picture?!

We were favorites of everyone that knew what the heck “Guess Who” was.  I was surprised to see that many had not yet experienced the wonderful game.

The best part was getting into character with curled hair, lipstick, bushy eyebrows, and facial expressions. I also enjoyed wearing the costume around campus and seeing the looks on faces that had definitely played the game a time or two.

It all came together so well.

The hardest part was the fact that we hadn’t put the entire thing on together at all before the big day.  I like to know, plan, and see but for this we really didn’t have time for a dress rehearsal day. It was do or die!

I hope you enjoy this Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” We Were for Halloween? and if there are any other questions relating that I didn’t answer feel free to ask!

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    • Madeyassy

      i still  dont understand how the tag boards stay ed on?, the string goes ontop of the head? around the head?

      • Madeyassy

        :) thanks for replying@9b8c7571b7214525ba37d153d89bf5b8:disqus ), purim is in less then 3 weeks, and thanks to your inspiration, my fam will be the guesswho characters.


      • Sue

        The string is stapled to the 1cm thick tag board, you’ll just have to balance the string on top of your head–not around

    • Koen

      Brilliant outfit! Planning to make this outfit as well. I have the same question as Madeyassy. How does the frame stay on its place. And how do you attach the string to your head?

    • Alexandra Petrich

      it was stapled to each side of the tag board and then sat on top of our heads. it wasn’t a breeze to walk around with you had to concentrate a bit to keep it up, but definitely not impossible. 

      • Kelsey Hibbs

        Hi @9b8c7571b7214525ba37d153d89bf5b8:disqus! I had a quick question about this. I found the Cooper Black font, but it’s just solid color, how did you make it so that just the outline was a color? Thank you!

    • paulogne14

      It’s very nice !
      I don’t understand how the frame stands in a vertical line even with a string :
       why the frame doesn’t fall down ?
      Thank you very much for your answer

    • Loli010

      me and my husband did this for purim and it was a HUGE hit!!!!! 

    • Casey

      What size font did you use on the frames? Cheers Casey

    • Allison

      Hi! I am trying to figure out the measurements for the frame. Help!?


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