Coolest Lego Ninjago Homemade Halloween Costume

My son is 7 years old and like most boys his age he loves Legos, especially Ninjago. He asked for the green Lego Ninjago costume around August. I had no idea how I would make it since I have never made a costume before but I didn’t have the heart to say no.

I started in September with a cardboard box and hot glue. I stared at the Minifigure for hours thinking how to make it look like a real Minifig with my son in it. When I had the body done my husband suggested I use foam for his legs, I’m glad I did because it was easier for him to walk. I used more cardboard and foam for his head.

The entire body is covered in fabric and the designs are also cut from fabric. His weapon is also made from cardboard, foam and fabric. It took me a month to finish it but I was very happy with the way it turned out, my son was even happier. The reaction of all the kids at his school parade was awesome they took pictures with him and were even chanting Ninjago Ninjago while he walked by them. Parents and teachers asking if I had made it.

One of the best things was taking him to Legoland and seeing kids run up to him to give him a high five and to get their picture taken. For me the best part of it all was seeing how happy my son was to have this costume and to see people’s reaction to it. One lady at Legoland thought he was one of the park characters until I said he was my son, and then she apologized for pushing her kids next to him to get a picture.

This picture was taken at the Lego store and all the kids coming in wanted their picture with him. We even had people stop us in the parking lot to take pictures of him. The hardest part of putting this together was covering the mask with the fabric I had to do it twice because I wasn’t happy with the way it looked the first time. I was happy that he was able to see through the Lego eyes, the mask was very hot I wish I would have put a small fan in it. One thing I regret was not taking pictures of the entire building process.

My son and I are very happy with this costume we are already thinking of what he would like to be next year.

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    • mel

      Totally awesome costume!! Great job, Mrs.R!!

    • Laura24

      Ok you are officially the coolest mom ever!!! Its looks wonderful and I know your son loved it. I would have died if my mom made me a costume that awesome when I was young.

    • Debbie

      What a cool costume! I was wondering, what type of fabric did you use? And how did you make those silver shoulder pads? Any help would be much appreciated as my son absolutely loves the costume you made. Thanks so much:)

    • daniela

      I love this costume! it’s the best I’ve seen. What did you make the head out of?

    • siboney

      Daniela. The head is made with cardboard. Then I shaped the bumps with foam and then covered it with fabric. Its hard to explain because I dont have pictures of the process.

    • siboney

      Debbie. The fabric I used is felt. You can use any fabric, this just happened to be on sale and it was the perfect color. I was able to get it by the yard at my local fabric store. It is very easy to work with. The silver shoulder pads I cut 1 triangle for the base and 3 more one smaller than the next. Glue these vertically starting at the tip from smallest to largest to the base. Leaving an even amount of space in between them. Glue cotton or pillow stuffing in the spaces you left. Then cover each one with the fabric. Do the same for both sides. I hope this helps.

    • siboney

      Laura 24. Thank you for your comment.

    • tiff

      What kind of fastening did you use for him to get in? That looks so.awesome

    • Alaina

      I wish I was crafty….My son wants to be this for halloween, but if I try I probably end up with a lump of green felt…

    • MertCa

      We go to Legoland, CA all the time and if my 7yr old saw your little boy in that costume, he would had screamed with delight! It looks so real to Ninjago Lloyd. You did a fabulous job!!!

    • Elta Meinert

      Do you have the costume still? Would love to see pictures of the pieces separate ~ to see how it all went together. My LEGO maniac son would love this for Halloween.


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