Coolest Little Boo and Monsters Inc. Character Costumes

For several months we had friends telling us our daughter looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc. Then, I decided she would be Boo this Halloween and me and my husband would be her friends Sully and Mike. The first time she saw the costume she was terrified and she couldn’t even try it. Suddenly she changed her mind and loved to wear the costume. On the Halloween night she walked over 6 blocks in the treat or trick party from our city. We received lots of compliments and many people wanted to make pictures with us, OK I have to admit, with Boo. Everybody said she really looked like Boo.

I have not much experience with the sewing machine so I guess anybody with a sewing machine can do it. I found online ideas about how to make it and I added my personal touch. I used shinny purple (2 yards) and silver fabric (half a yard) from Hobby Lobby and used flannel (1 yard) for lining. To give the fluffy looking of the body I used three layers of batting in between the purple fabric and the flannel and sewed three lines horizontally.  I used a plastic ring from an old pop-up hamper to give the round shape to the body. I used Velcro to close the costume and to attach the hood. Eyes were made out of Styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners, teeth were made out of felt.

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    • Nicki Lee- Burgess

      Would you make me one?

    • Karla Martinez

      would yu make me one ?

    • Karla Martinez

      can you make me one for my daughters birthday ?

    • aura

      can u make a Boo costume for a 12month baby girl?

    • Andrea

      how much would you charge to make my 2yr old a boo costume

    • Sara

      How did you do the adult costume?

    • Natalie

      I would love to buy this… or have you make me one as well! It is so hard to find a Boo costume.

    • Amanda

      Have you made a tutorial about this costume? You did such a good job!

    • Larissa

      Do you have a tutorial on how to make this? People tell us all the time that our daughter looks like Boo, as well. Her twin brother is going to be Sully!

    • Tiffney

      Could you email me a price my email is My daughter looks just like boo.

    • billy bobber jenkins


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    • Jennifer

      Hello, I would like to have you make one for my daughter. She is 2 also.
      Thank you!!!!!

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    • DEVON


      • Margarita

        I’m sorry. I can’t make any costumes

    • Dalton AndMiladis Harris Harri

      Hi I love the picture of the family you have there. And I was wondering if u can make sully n mike for my husband and I. Email me at thank you

    • Rupa

      Can you share where you got the how to make info online? Or, are you willing to make it? Our daughter is in the same boat and is 19 months old. Would love to do the same thing you guys did. My email is thanks for sharing! Rupa

      • Margarita

        I layered 1 purple
        shinny fabric (35 in x 21 in), 3 layers of batting (33 in wide each x 20 in), 1
        layer of flannel for lining (33 in x 20 in). The extra inch in the purple
        fabric folds toward the interior (flannel) on both sides and the lower edge.

        Safety pin closed.

        Sew together all the sides but the upper. Then, sew three
        horizontal lines to give the quilted look. I used a plastic ring from an old
        pop-up hamper to give the round shape to the body. Put this ring on the upper
        edge and fold all 4 layers around and sew together. Roll the bodysuit into a
        tube and sew Velcro on both sides to close the tube according to the child’s

        For the armholes, cut out crescent shapes on each side at
        the same height. In my case I cut 3 in diameter circles, the center of the
        circles were 12 inches apart. For the sleeves I used silver shiny fabric lined
        with felt. I sewed by hand to the holes in the tube.

        For the hood I looked in internet instructions of how to
        make a hood. It was 9 in x 9 in with a outer layer of purple fabric, two layers
        of bathing and a inner layer of grey fabric. The outer layer was a little
        longer to fold over a wire (hanger) to keep the hood open. I put velcro on the
        upper edge of the tube to attach the hood.

        • Chantell Ferrin

          Hi, you did an awesome job making those costumes! Can you tell me what kind of fabric you used to make the sully costume? Or where you got the fabric? I saw this photo on pinterest and am trying to make this for my daughter, husband and myself. Thanks for any advice!

        • Tiffanie

          I’m not sure what plastic ring you used from an old pop up hamper you are talking about. I’ve seen them being wire in those hampers. What size was the plastic ring? Did that go over her head?

        • Tiffanie

          Love it!!! Quick question, I’m unsure as to what plastic ring you are talking about from an old pop up hamper. I’ve seen them to be wire. How big was the ring? Was it big enough to go over her head? Thanks!

    • Vanessa

      Hi! I was wondering how much do u charge for the Boo’s Costume size 17 months. Please email me back @ thks!

    • Ann

      Hi i was wondering if you were able to make this costume for my daughter i would pay whatever you charge she is disabled and she really loves the movie shes 2 years old please email me thank you

    • Natalie

      Hi! I was wondering if you could make my daughter a boo costume? Please email me

    • Pierina

      Hi i really want thi!!! Please email me

    • Jenny

      When I saw this pic I had to do a double take! Our daughters could be twins! I thought I was looking at my little girl in a costume I never put her in! Oh my! The resemblance is scarey! I would love to send you a pic of my daughter! We live in Kentucky. She is 7 now. Please email me at! Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Sharif N Sabrina Bhamji

      Hi! It seems that others have asked the same question. My daughter is 2 1/2 and I would love to have that costume. I’m just really bad at making them on my own and it is hard to find one like this in stores. Please email me if you are interested in making my daughter one for this year. Email at Thank you so much and hope to get a response. Have a good day.


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