Creepy Michonne Costume from The Walking Dead

My boyfriend and I worked really hard on my costume this year. We are huge Walking Dead fans, so I just knew I had to be Michonne and come up with a cool way to make her Zombie Pets, and through some trial and error, we succeeded!

We made the zombies out of Styrofoam  shaping it to look like an actual face and body, minus the jaws and arms because they don’t have them!  We used corn syrup and red food coloring to dye Spanish moss and pinned it to the bottom of the face to give the ripped off jaw effect.  We stuck long picks through the Styrofoam to hold it together.  We cut out holes for the eyes, and for 1 zombie we put plastic eyeballs in the holes and painted them to have a zombie-like effect.

The other set of eyes were LED lights to glow in the dark!  Then we used clay to cover the Styrofoam to make give our zombies skin and texture, and spray painted it to achieve the color of the zombies.  Then we attached some old jeans with pins and wire to give them legs.  We then stuck a wooden stick in each of the backs and attached plastic chains around the necks and hung them around the sticks so they would have the effect of them being chained to me.

For the Michonne part of the costume, I used brown eye shadow to make my skin a similar shade to hers.  For the dread lock hair, I used black yarn and braided thick strips together, and bobbie pinned them each individually to my own hair.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my costume, Walking Dead fan or not!

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    • ButtahLove

      Black face is NEVER good!!! White people should know better by now. Get it together!

    • Ghunf


    • Angelica

      Are you serious?

      • Nickole White Stormy

        Yup, she is….

    • shara

      ummmm anyone else is offended as much as I am?? #blackface

      • RastaFairyAnn

        no. lighten up.
        hee hee hee

    • RastaFairyAnn

      I am going to do this for halloween too. um, but your lips should be brown too. Just saying. Cuz I’m black myself and all. :-) Super dark pretty brown long lasting lipstick. And lip liner. (It’s the white lips that creates the offensive effect that probably really annoys folk.)

      • Carl Montes

        Finally, a voice of reason who doesn’t instantly come out barking.

        I understand that the “blackface” trend in history was very ignorant and offensive, and should never have happened. But this costume is not very blackfaced…well, maybe save for the lack of lip coloring. What’s wrong with showing dedication to the costume? There’s no intent of offending, or any ignorant acts. Did anyone stop to think that perhaps she just really likes Michonne? (After all, Michonne is an awesome character in the show; stoic, deep-thinking, and focused. Not to mention that despite having to hide her emotions, one can tell she has a wonderful heart.)

        I understand that there was a horrible, uncalled-for time period involving a ton of one-sided racism, but I also know that people are trying to put that awfulness behind and look to a future where we can simply get along as equals.

        Where was the uproar when Dave Chappelle did whiteface in his skits? Where was the uproar when Eddie Griffin did whiteface in Deuce Bigalow? Where was the uproar when Shawn and Marlon Wayans did whiteface in White Chicks? Where was the uproar when Key and Peele whitefaced in their skit Das Negros?

        Oh, they were just acting? Doing comedy? It was just part of their role?
        Well, isn’t putting on a costume for Halloween and representing the character nothing more than assuming a role/acting?

      • Nikk

        As a viewer (not the poster), I find your advice well meaning, helpful, and kind. I skimmed through the posts and I was happy to see someone appreciating the costume and the love of a seriously awesome character.
        I hope you share your costume when you premier it! From your post you sound like you are costuming for the right reasons: Having fun and appreciating great characters.

    • really though

      She really should know better smdh.

    • Thisis Wrong

      This is extremely offensive and I would recommend you not dress up as a different race for a costume. Blackface may seem like a fun cool idea, but it never is. It’s always offensive and there’s no excuse for it. Your lips being white isn’t the reason we black people get offended. THIS IS RACISM! No matter how innocent your intentions were.

      • Jamila

        Its NOT RACISM…come on we live in the 21th century. U call it race, but we humans are all 1 race if u pay attention in school. She just wanna look like Michonne…

      • D. McCue

        Racism is hating people for their race. If someone dresses up as a person they admire then that is the opposite of hating them, and it certainly is not racist. We need to stop calling everything racism as it diminishes REAL racism. This also holds true with people mixing up stereotyping with racism. If you say black people like watermelon or white people love the GAP you are not being racist, you are stereotyping.

    • stone

      You should not feature costumes on this site with blackface. No matter what the intention is, it’s highly offensive and it should not have to be something that people constantly have to say every year at Halloween time. She could have easily done the costume without it and been fine.

    • GKillingbeck

      Is this for real? You know you can do Michonne without the black face right???????

    • youaintgotnopancakemix

      i am deeply offended by this. i mean seriously how did you get out da kitchen

    • Cass

      I was looking up Michonne costumes, and this popped up. If I was going to do a white character, I would not do whiteface. I would dress as the character and stick as much to the details as that. You could be Michonne without the makeup. Truthfully, those that watch the show know what you are going for. Others will miss it regardless. My complexion is not as dark as Michonne’s, but I am not going to use makeup to be darker. Seriously, you should have nixed the makeup. That’s too much, and I feel your intentions were not offend.

    • soulfulll

      This is offensive.

    • Carl Montes

      How about we leave that in the past and try to focus on a future of TRUE EQUALITY? Let’s start our society off on a clean slate and give everyone an EQUAL opportunity with cosplaying and whatnot. (No, do NOT get this twisted and think that I’m encouraging actual blackface, I’m simply encouraging us to stop relating skin-paint cosplay to blackface.)
      I mean, really, when will it ever be okay? How long will non-black folk have to keep giving this sort of special treatment and abiding by this special rule before we can be okay with things? How long do we have to condemn whites who weren’t even born during this oppression period? How long do we have to focus on the race itself instead of accepting that we are all individuals who are not labeled by skin color?

    • Brandi

      Disgraceful. Blackface? Really? You couldn’t dress up as one of the 500 white characters there are to choose from?

    • Revelationeer

      Wow guys, grow the **** up. We always make complaints about ‘oh this is horrible, we’re being oppressed.’ Seriously? Half of you people weren’t even alive when the true, nitty gritty racism and slavery was at its prime. Instead of b*tching and moaning about a reality that you weren’t even part of (because seriously, I’m tired of it) why don’t you give her tips on how to portray the character a little better than doing what you all deem the ‘blackface.’ Like some people have said on here, there are actors/actresses that have done ‘blackface’ ‘whiteface’ and they don’t get flack for it, oh why, because they’re famous? Seriously people.

      I don’t see a problem with it other than, if you want to darken your skin for a cosplay, make it a whole transformation. Even though I do know black people that happen to have very pigmented pink lips, Michonne is not one of those people that does. Like the other people said, match your lips up, use a little lip liner for definition, etc.

      If you wanted to cosplay her in your regular flesh (without the makeup you used) you could always go with dreadlock wig, and just give off the mood of the character in your shoots. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      Either way, no matter what you do, there’s always gonna be some bigot that thinks they’re obligated to tell you how OFFENDED they are. We should be past this by now, and not be so sensitive to everything when someone decides to don a little makeup.

      Note: I’m black and I’m not offended in the least.

    • Bunnylover

      Ok, I swear I’m not trying to be insensitive. I’m not from this continent. I’ve only been here for a few years, and my white ancestors had nothing to do with slavery or black oppression. Am I required to feel guilty and ashamed for the white population of this country just because I live here now? I know the history of this county, but I was never brought up in any type environment that made a person of a different color different from us. They maybe have been rarely seen, but were always regarded with respect and when I was a child we always admired African people (there were no African Americans there) and thought they were very cool. As an adult, even now, I still have a hard time figuring out what to say sometimes because I don’t feel the need to chooe my words extra carefully (since I don’t do that for white people) in fear of offending them, which has happened on occasion.

      I would like to dress like Michonne and I don’t understand why I can’t use makeup to make myself look more like her because to me, she is an awesome character. For example, Mystique… if I wanted to dress like Mystique, I would paint myself blue. And what about Avatar or the Hulk? I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I honestly don’t know because I was never brought up with discrimination, especially against black people.

      • Whitney

        Its blackface. You don’t have to be from here but if you’re going to be a character to from an AMERICAN series, you could at least learn the culture. This is disrespectful.

      • Christopher Miller

        Don’t worry about the overly sensitive people here. I’m black myself and I don’t mind that people who are not black, use make up to paint themselves to look black. When black people started using whiteface (i.e. Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy), we lost all rights to complain about other races doing blackface as two wrongs don’t make a right. So, do your thing…people will always complain about stupid things like this (especially those with a victim complex), but screw em.

    • Demi

      Why? WHY? Why? You could have been an AU white girl Michonne with blonde dreads. Seriously. I’m not black and I found this offensive.

    • disqus_Qg3Thv8DnJ

      For real though? Is this- is this a serious cosplay?

    • Rahul Sharma Sissy

      awesome. some people were critical of the black color. but there’s nothing wrong with it. Its very authentic and very artistic. Thank you so much

    • Tea Be

      Black-face! Are you for real?!!!!!


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