Easy and Cheap Homemade Girl Group Costumes: Despicable Me

This was such a cheap costume to do! And we got so many compliments! All you need is jean high-wasted shorts (we bought jeans from the thrift store then cut them), suspenders, a yellow top, black gloves and goggles! We made the goggles using a black headband (from Target), then painted/glued Styrofoam cups to it for the eyes. This costume was so fun to make and definitely my favorite costume I’ve ever been.


  • Costume Ideas Brainstormer
    • tata

      The idea for the costumes is great but just personally, I would have gone with actual shirts instead of bandous. But still think it’s awesome how easy you guys did this. Ill probably do the same.

    • Morgan

      Where did you get the tops?

    • lem

      a little too risque for my taste.

    • Emily

      MY FRIENDS AND I LOVE THIS IDEA. we wanted a group idea that was slutty but creative. Where were the tops from?

    • Heather

      Where are the tops from? This is such a cute idea!

    • Lily

      what about shoes?!

    • Jordan

      Why does everything have to be sexualized? This is a cute idea, but when dressing as characters from a family movie, how about you show some class.


    Adult/Teen Cost: $20-$50 Group Costume Several Hours Sexy