Coolest Liquor Cabinet Group Costume

For this Liquor Cabinet group costume, we each (minus the box of wine) got a dress relevant to the liquor we were going to be. Then we got the paint from a local craft store and we each got a t shirt relevant to the bottle color. For the box of wine, we literally just got a box and cut the holes for a head and arms. Next we printed out the logos for each liquor and the box of wine. We projected them onto the wall and pinned our t shirt up to the wall. We traced the logo onto the shirt and painted them in to match the bottle logo.

After the paint was dry, we cut out the logo and safety pinned it on to our dresses. Once the dresses were finished, we each got props that would match our costume. Seems like a lot of work but definitely worth it and not an expensive costume!!

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    • Candice

      Can i ask what you used to project the logo onto the wall with. Not like i have a projector at home lol

      • Chelsea

        We did use a projector. The Captain Morgan bought a decal for her.

    • Samike

      Where did you get the white dress from for the malibu bottle? I wanna do this for a halloween party but I dont know where to find a dress that would work..Thanks!!

      • Chelsea

        Was found at Body Central.

    • Emily

      where did you get the dress for the jose cuervo!?

    • sadie

      Such a great idea!!! Luv luv luv!! Did the tshirts rap around your entire body or just thr front?

    • Annette

      Not having a projector at home, I took the logo to a copy shop and had them blow it up on a blueprint copy machine. Cost me $5. Then placed that UNDER the fabric, traced it with pencil and painted it.


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