Most Adorable Homemade Bowl of Spaghetti Ever!

I hand made my 3 month old son’s Halloween bowl of spaghetti costume.  I made the noodles out of yarn and glued them on a onesie.  The meatballs and the sauce is made from felt.  He is sitting in a bimbo seat under the plywood.  We cut a hole and attached a bowl that’s where my son sat.  On the plates I also used yarn for the noodles.  I glued the table cloth on the plywood.

To add more of a Italian dinner feeling we made the candle with a wine bottle and twine.  All the plates, glasses, bread, silverware  and napkins are also glued to the table.  The plywood was attached to a wagon.  Hope you like it!!

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    • Jessica

      This is beyond cute!


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