Original Cosmo and Wanda Couple Costume

For the wands I printed out a star and traced it onto an old shoe box, making four stars. I glued two together and painted them yellow. I found some bale wire in the barn and straightened it out and stuck it between the glued stars. For the crowns I cut yellow paper into the zig zag shape and then taped it into a circle. I found some thinner wire and attached it so I could bobby pin them in my hair.

For Wanda I wore an old yellow shirt with little black shorts and black leggings.

For Cosmo my boyfriend wore black dress pants and white button up shirt with a black tie.

We put our hair up and sprayed it with the color spray.

Total cost of our costume was $7.00 for the cost of the hairspray.

Everyone at the party loved our costumes. I just wish I would have remembered baby Poof.

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    • Jon F

      My friend and I are planning on doing the Cosmo and Wanda costume for halloween.
      We already have our shirts and supplies but I just had a quick question about the hair dye! My hair is black, and I see that in the picture your boyfriend looks like he has black hair too… Was it hard for the green to actually show? Or what product did you buy and from where?

      I’m really stressing about the dye because my hair is black and I only want it to stay in temporarily. Please contact back soon!



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