Crying Girl Face Painting Based on Roy Lichtenstein’s Lithograph

This crying girl face painted based on Roy Lictenstein’s lithograph was a last-minute costume that required very little effort. I wanted something quick but high-impact. I used tempera and acrylic paint I had around the house (not usually recommended but worked fine for me), and followed the painting as best as I could. I am an artists, so if you are entirely unexperienced, perhaps consult someone you trust.

The white comic book dots were the most time-consuming (10-15 minutes) and the rest was just fun to experiment with. For a great effect, be sure to contour the jaw and ears! Mistakes can be fixed with the wipe of a damp washcloth but do expect your face to feel a bit frozen if you are using tempera paints like I did.

Got a good deal of stares and compliments. Most people just stole glances at me, trying to figure out what I was. Overall, this costume was pretty quick and simple! It took about 20 minutes and was super fun! You could go all out with the outfit and all, but I just put on something nondescript. Have fun!

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      As a professional face painter, I would not recommend anyone using tempera paints or acrylic paints on the face or skin as these paints can be harmful if accidentally swallowed or get in the eye. Wolfe Brothers, Tag, Paradise or Mehron, and Diamond FX are all good choices.


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