The One and Only Sexy Gumball Machine Costume

I bought the skirt at a thrift store for about 2$ and used a body suit bra thing I already had for the top. I used silver ribbon for the top and bottom of the skirt to make it look like metal and cute of course. I used felt fabric to make the gumball slot and 25 cent sign.

Then I used super glue, a clear shower curtain and gumballs of course for the top. This part was a little hard. I cut the shower curtain to fit the bra part with a little extra then I glued the bottom and side parts down then glued the gumballs in then finished it off by gluing the shower curtain on the top inside of the bra part.

It was very time consuming and I for sure burnt my fingers more than I would have liked but it was worth it. Everywhere I went everyone was amazed by how creative and different it was and of course I was the only gumball machine. No one likes going out and having the same costume as someone else.

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    • Lindsay

      I hope this gets to you. I was just wondering if the gumballs got sticky or bled color?

      • Carly

        I was wondering the same thing. But I just reread the description, and she put the gumballs BETWEEN the bra and the shower curtain…so the shower curtain would prevent it from getting sticky or bleeding!


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