Sexy Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

I just wanted to do something really amazing this year. I really love making a homemade costume that looks like the real thing. This sexy homemade Wonder Woman costume started with some American Apparel basics, pretty much my go-to when it comes to making costumes. I bought a red strapless leotard and some blue hot pants.

Then a trip to Michaels and Joanns for white stars and A LOT of gold fabric. I also bought some rope to use as a prop and a head band and red star for the crown.

I used iron ons for the back of the fabric, but ended up having to use a lot of hot glue as well. I simply cut out pieces in the right shapes and then glued them on to the fabric. The red boots were a very lucky vintage find.

Overall this is one of my favorite costumes I have ever done. Super heroes are always so epic.

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    • Karlla Ramirez

      where did you get the blue hot pants and the leotard from? a dance store?

      • kcruu

        american apparel it says

    • Greer

      awesome! thank you – just asked how you did it on pinterest and saw this thread. thanks again for the inspiration!


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